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Grant's present list!

Stuff that's reasonable to get:

Such a cool book.
Does a body good.
Keeping to the facts.
Motor cycle gloves like these ones.
Some beef jerky from random sources.
A BBQ grill scraper. We've used a bristle brush for 40 years, but suddenly its a problem...

older stuff:

Peanut butter cake.
home made nanimo bar
Purdy's dark (70%) Chocolate!
a oil filter thingie which fits the small filter size on my motorbike.
A 'reverse' C clamp - one that holds things apart.
A Dead Battery Prevention Device that will fit under my motorcycle seat. I don't want one with all those remote features - the most basic model is preferred.
A caffeine stimulant, or just Jolt gum.
A nice horn for my motorcycle.

Things which are harder to come by:

A Variac. Either 120V or 240V is fine. 12 amp capacity.
market spice tea, free leaf or in single use bags
more unusual tea
Foozball Table. A bloody nice one.
winning lottery ticket
The Tesla Model X P100D. Any colour.
Yamaha FJR1300... But just check to make sure no one bought me the Tesla - I don't need both!


The meaning of life. How more existential can you get?
A mystery book
<1--A replacement Hot tub for the worn out one we have now.
--> A nice camera. A subscription to “Adbusters” magazine

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